Michael Theo

Hi everyone, I’m Michael Theo and I’m an ambassador for International Day of People with Disability.

Ever since I appeared on Love on the Spectrum, a lot of people in the autistic and challenged communities seem to view me as an inspiration which still kind of surprises me to this day.

And, I sometimes get stopped in public by people and some of them even ask for a selfie which I always allow because it puts a smile on their face and it makes their day.

As a society, we have to accommodate for all kinds of people, whether we’re neurodiverse or not. We’re still just people at the end of the day. I want the same things as everybody else. Financial freedom, financial security, a loving partner to share my life with.

Community means when everybody in the world, from all walks of life, come together and unite as one.

A lot of friends that I made in high school have all come and gone but some people have chosen to stick by me and I’m really grateful for that.

I would say to people in the autistic and challenged communities that find what makes you happy. Surround yourself with people that actually bring the best out of you. Everyone’s different. We’re not made to be uniform. If we were all uniform, the world would not be an interesting place.

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Michael Theo (he/him) is an actor and host of Mr A+ with Michael Theo, a podcast with the mission to bring love and light into everyone’s life.

Michael was a star on the hit ABC show ‘Love on the Spectrum’. He is passionate about sharing his story living with Asperger’s syndrome and believes that people should embrace their differences.

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