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The Australian Government has been supporting International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) since 1996. Through the Department of Social Services it funds a national program to help promote and raise awareness of this day.

The IDPwD program aligns with Australia’s Disability Strategy 2021-31. This includes improving community awareness by recognising the lived experience of people with disability, and building confidence in the community to work and engage with people with disability.

The IDPwD national program includes a range of activities aimed at increasing public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability on 3 December and all year round, including:

  • Videos and written stories to encourage the community to have conversations, share lived experience, and get involved with IDPwD
  • Resources to help governments at all levels, private organisations, workplaces, schools, community groups and individuals to recognise the day, including information kits, posters, banners and social media tiles
  • Sponsorships of national awards, events or activities that showcase the work and experiences of people with disability and help promote inclusion across Australia. Read more about our partners
  • Sharing the real, authentic stories of people with disability through the support of our ambassadors
  • Helping break down misconceptions and encourage inclusive attitudes and behaviours through the IDPwD website and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

IDPwD is a joint effort between government at all levels, schools, organisations, community groups, businesses and individuals. Anyone can use the generic logo and resources on this website for purposes consistent with the aims of IDPwD.

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