Events are a great way to start a conversation about people with disability, challenge perceptions and encourage a more inclusive and respectful society.

Plan an event

Help to break down barriers and promote inclusion by holding an International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) event on or around 3 December. Together we can be part of creating an inclusive and diverse community.

Check out our information kits for inspiration and ideas to help you plan, theme and deliver your event.

Register an event

If you are holding an IDPwD event in your school, community or workplace , make sure you register! We want to know about all of the events happening across Australia – no matter how big or small.

When you register, you have the option to keep your event private or promote it on our Event Calendar to encourage people to attend and support your event.

Attend an event

Looking to attend an event on International Day of People with Disability?

Check out our Event Calendar to find public events happening on or around IDPwD that you can attend, including in-person and online events.

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