Hugo Taheny

My name is Hugo Taheny.

I like to [be] called Hugo Rock Star.

I started doing athletics after school.

Now I’m a professional athlete.

I do shot put… discus… breaking records.

A friend of mine, he said: “Oh my god! My mate got a record!” And everyone started cheering my name.

Now the gold medal — it’s me.

And I want to show the people what I do in athletics.

I want to show the people with disability what I do.

I want to help them for their goals, their futures and lives.

We have different types [of] disability.

Just treat us how we treat you: not different or special.

World Day for the People with Disability, it means they help us [to be] part of the community.

We’re here to celebrate us.

We make Australia a good place.

Rock Star out.

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Hugo Taheny (he/him) is a shot put and discus athlete with Down syndrome, who holds world records in both events.

Outside of sport, Hugo loves to spend time with his family, swimming and watching movies. He is also the South Australian Health Ambassador for Down Syndrome Australia.

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