2021 Grow Inclusion schools competition

Watch the winning entries from our 2021 Grow Inclusion schools competition. Students were asked to create a video or written entry for IDPwD 2021 using the grow inclusion theme.

Holy Family Catholic Primary School (6 Yellow), NSW – Disability Inclusion Let’s Grow It!

Happy International Day of People with Disability!

Celebrating this DAISY is the perfect opportunity for all people to make a conscious effort to GROW inclusivity in our world.

It’s time we all ROSE to the occasion.

To make some changes, a LILY more each day.

So take the THYME to lend a helping hand.

Don’t be so IMPATIENS! Make small changes to your games and activities to accommodate everyone.

Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. Be empathetic and understanding. Be their FLOWER of strength.

Be aware of physical modifications around our school, why these are important, and where these STEM from.

Check in, ask someone if they feel BOUQUET.

Understand the sensory environment and when some people may need some SWEET PEAS and quiet.

Last, BUD not least, educate yourself on inclusion. Address the challenges, dispel the myths!

Have the be-LEAF that if you go out of your way and make small changes in your life, that you can make a big difference in someone else’s.

So let’s tackle disability inclusion once and FLORAL!

Follow these tips like our school and you’ll be all CLOVER it.

Disability inclusion… LET’S GROW IT!

Burwood Girls High School, NSW – Inclusive Dance Ensemble

Dancing with my friends at Burwood Girls makes me happy.

Hi, I’m Alicia.

I’m Lucinda.

And we are the choreographers of Burwood Girls High school’s first ever inclusive ensemble.

Last year after finishing year 12, we decided we’d like to come back and give the same opportunities of dance that we had to all students.

We wanted to provide an ensemble that requires no audition and that was open to anyone interested in dance.

(Auslan) I love dance.

Being able to provide the opportunities and see growth and learning for the whole ensemble has been rewarding for everyone involved.

I like dancing with my friends because they belong.

The best part about being in this ensemble is that I get to dance freely and have fun alongside people that share the same passion as I do.

I get to watch them find freedom in their own dance abilities and be empowered by what they can do and be empowered by each other as well.

The best part of being in the ensemble was the journey leading up to our performance. I think we were all challenged in some aspects of the dance. But it paid off when we were able to create a piece that moved an audience so much.

International Day of People with Disability is important to me and I hope my peers can take part in recognising the day and share and promote its values of inclusion.

Inclusion means you belong, we all belong.

I think it’s a really good opportunity for people to come together and learn about disabilities rather than stereotype them.

I hope that, because of this ensemble, people see that everyone can dance, no matter their ability.

I think anyone should belong and be able to join in.

I hope the ensemble will provide a base of growth and understanding for the school, and, appreciating the achievements and opportunities of inclusion, we can start to build across all learning areas an opportunity that the school can give.

I hope that, because of this ensemble, more people at the school will be more accepting and understand that our abilities don’t define our capabilities.

I really see that we can all work together no matter our abilities, and focus on working as a team with each other and finding the strength in that and that we can all thrive in an inclusive environment.