Access for All Workshop

This 3-hour workshop will demonstrate the importance of considering your audience when you write or produce documents. In this workshop, we can help you make your content more inclusive and be understood by your audience. Workshop presented by Visability. Lunch sponsored by Alcoa.

Registration for workshop is essential – email

Workshop Objectives:
• Learn the basic steps in Accessible Word document creation
• Distinguish the differences between complex language, Plain Language, and Easy English and determine who needs Easy English
• Learn the basic steps in producing Easy English documents
• Discuss obstacles to the implementation of Easy English in your workplace

Our workshops are recommended for those who produce information through the following means:
o Brochures,
o Newsletters,
o Marketing materials,
o Flyers
o Fact sheets,
o Letters
o Surveys,
o Policy documents


25 November 2020

10:30 am – 1:30 pm


Lakelands Library
49 Banksiadale Gate
Lakelands WA 6180

Accessibility details

ACROD parking available at entry to shopping centre. Accessible bathroom in the library. Juno device will be used to help to make sound clearer. Lighting can be adjusted for people with sensory needs.

For more information
08 9550 3256