Connected Art Exhibition

Celebrating artists living with a disability or mental illness. State Trustees has long advocated for the protection and care of vulnerable Victorians, particularly those living with a disability or mental illness.

CONNECTED Art Exhibition seeks to engage this community, promote social inclusion and encourage the creative expression and sharing of their unique experiences. CONNECTED reminds us that disability and mental illness is not a barrier and that we all have the ability to create something truly special. The sold artworks also touch our lives in so many ways, with many proudly displayed in homes and offices as a daily reminder of the power of art and community.

We recognise the importance of art and culture and how it can encourage social inclusion and enrich the lives of artists and their communities.

The CONNECTED Art Exhibition was born from a passion for recognising and celebrating artists living with a disability or mental illness.


2 December 2019

9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Federation Square Atrium
Federation Square
Swanson St and Flinders St VIC 3000

Accessibility details

Federation Square is wheelchair accessible, pelase refer to their website for details:

For more information
03 9667 7669