Disabled Surfers Central Coast Smiles on Dials

Volunteers will help to put smiles on dials at our first Hands on Day of the season to celebrate the International Day of People with a Disability. We aim to give our participants an amazing experience in and out of the water.

Sign in from 9 am. There will be a BBQ for participants and volunteers at the conclusion of the event where trophies will be presented for Surfer of the Day and Wipeout of the Day

With regard to surfing, we lay the participant face down on a 9”6 foam SUP board and carry them into the water. A volunteer will lay behind the participant as a tandem rider to guide the board.

Six volunteers hold on to the board and then propel it forward to “catch” a broken wave. Other team members will form a channel for the board to pass through on the wave and assist if there are any issues during the ride. They will also catch the board at the end of the ride. The waves are generally small and the ride is about 10 metres to the shoreline.


7 December 2019 – 09:00 am

– To –

7 December 2019 – 01:30 pm


Umina Beach
Sydney Ave
Umina Beach NSW 2257

Accessibility details

Concrete pathways around surf club and accessible viewing platform. Surf Club amenities.
DSACC shade tent beside surf club
DSACC shade tents on the beach.
DSACC Beach wheelchairs used by volunteers to transport participants onto the beach.
DSACC SUP Boards used for surfing

For more information

0416 332 166

Central Coast Branch

Disabled Surfers Central Coast Smiles on Dials (PDF 1MB)