Event ideas

It’s time to figure out what type of event would work best for your school, community, organisation or business.

You can also start by thinking about where you want to host your event, a school football field, auditorium, community center then figure out what kind of events would work in that space.

Some initial things for you to think about:

  • Consider your venue carefully. Who might attend? Is it easy to get to? Is there suitable/adequate parking and access? Is your venue suitable for people with mobility issues?
  • Think about the weather. If you are holding an outside event, is a contingency plan necessary in case of poor weather conditions?
  • What facilities are available? Do they meet your needs?
  • Should media be invited and if so be able to get there and set up equipment easily?
  • What equipment will you need?
  • Do you need to think about signage?
  • How long will your event go for?

Ideas of events you could hold

Activity Description Suited to
Art Ask local artists to dedicate an art show or develop a piece of art on the lives of people with disability, Or

Run an art class painting using your mouth or feet (no hands).

Awards Hold a local awards ceremony that recognises the achievements of people with disability in your community. You could recognise local sportspeople, employers, carers, and business with good access. Community
Awareness in action IDPwD Lapel ribbon – Make these available in your school, community or workplace and encourage people to take a photo (why not take a group photo?) and post on Facebook.
Don’t forget to link to www.facebook.com/idpwd or use the #IDPwD.

Put up posters

Awareness day Mark the day within your school, organisation or business by promoting IDPwD as a staff awareness day in conjunction with other activities. Business
Breakfast or brunch Host a breakfast or brunch to mark IDPwD and invite a guest’s speaker or make an announcement. Businesses
Creative Competition Use the theme ‘break down the barriers and celebrate ability’ for a creative writing competition. A fiction or nonfiction short story, poem, artwork, multimedia production. Community
Concert Tickets to a special concert or performance or a concert for people with disability. Everyone
Cocktail Party Host a cocktail party to mark IDPwD invite a guest speaker or make an announcement. Business
Discounts Provide discounts, maybe a come and try day or two for one offer for people with disability and carers. This might suit sport, recreation, leisure and event venues. You can also sign up to the Companion Card schemes on offer. Businesses
Expo A disability expo organised by your diversity area where local disability organisations can set up stalls with information about goods and services. You might also like to involve your local Centrelink office. Business
Organisations Community
Fundraise Find out more about an organisation providing services and support for people with disability and undertake a funding drive for them or identify a volunteering opportunity. Everyone
Guest Speaker Organise a guest speaker to talk about disability issues or to share their story in your workplace, school or community. Everyone
Lunch Host a lunch to mark IDPwD, invite a guests speaker or make an announcement. Business
Open day If you are an employer of people with disability, or a school with a focus or a facility with new accessible equipment or features hold an open day. Everyone
Morning tea Host a morning tea. Everyone
Sports carnival Run an inclusive sports carnival featuring seated volleyball, wheelchair basketball etc. School
Sport game Run a sports game like seated volleyball, wheelchair basketball, goalball, treasure hunt relay (in a wheelchair), wheelchair dancing, bushwalk with blindfolds or navigate the playground. School
Sausage Sizzle A sausage sizzle in a local park or community locations where every dollar can support a local organisation helping people with disability. Everyone
Working bee Have a working bee to remove obstacles which might create barriers for people with disability as employees, visitors or customers in your organisations. Organisation Business

Ideas for celebrating and supporting IDPwD

You may not be able to host a large event, but you can still show your awareness through other celebrations.

Activity Description Suited to
Accessibility challenge Investigate and remove some of barriers in your classroom, canteen, and school environment so a person with disability can better navigate or reach items. Everyone
Action Plan Commit to creating a Disability Action Plan (see the Australian Governments Disability Action Plan – Framework for business) or unveil your plan on IDPwD. Organisation
Article Develop an article on disability issues or profile a person with disability in your school or organisation for your newsletter, website or local media. Everyone
Day out A day at the park or the beach or have a picnic. Everyone
Display Put up a display about disability issues at your local shopping centre, library, school or workplace. Everyone
Famous people Find out about some famous people with disability throughout history and make up posters about them. School
Hiring commitment Announce a hiring commitment or work on your diversity policy. Use a resource guide like the Managers Guide: Disability in the Workplace, produced by the Australian Network on Disability, to support you. Organisation
International understanding Find out how people with disability live in other countries or how people lived in the past? What is different now? School
Logo Use the IDPwD logo on your payslips, flyers, internal memos, newsletters or other material for the week around IDPwD. School
Online Conversation Link your activities and online platforms like your website, Facebook page, twitter to conversations on disability. Everyone
Poster Design an awareness poster (maybe you could have a competiont). School
Profile people with disability Profile a person with disability who is a student, employee or community leader in your newsletter, staff bulletin or intranet or local media. Everyone
Research Undertake research to find out more about the lives of people with disability in your workplace or community.

Undertake a research project on different types of disability and what the barriers are people with disability face in everyday life.

Organisations Community
Role play Imagine you have a disability and write about it. School
Volunteer Find out more about an organisation providing services and support for people with disability and identify a volunteering opportunity. Everyone
Web link Place a link or a web badge to IDPwD website on your homepage to raise awareness and show your support. Everyone